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Angie and I have decided that it's time to close OpLove as our participation numbers between clients and registered photographers are no longer feasible. The remaining funds in the bank account must be donated to another 501(c)3, so I have a local 501(c)3 near me that we are associated with to do that. Anyone who's paid dues within 2021 will receive a refund. Over the past 5-7 years I have found that we are really only supporting a handful of people at no fault of our own since the military branches have honed in on homecomings with their PA offices, and our backend (websites, certificates, licenses, 501(c)3, etc.).

It has been a wonderful 15 years!, and we have helped A LOT of families receive priceless memories of a not so great time in their lives - but also a great reunion of their families. We've provided beautiful images thru the Sgt. Soto program to families laying fallen military members to rest. We've provided several scholarships to deserving students. In 2012, the AFR estimated that we had provided over $2,000,000 between services (labor) and products (including shipping) to families during a dark period in their lives, that number is now probably just under $3,000,000.

We've operated and served families of military who've served in the Iraq War, the War in North-West Pakistan, Iran-PJAK conflict, Yemen, Paraguayan, Fatah-Hamas Conflict, Lebanon War, Iraqi Civil War, Mexico, Somalia Civil War, Operation Enduring Freedom (Trans Sahara), Anjouan, South Kyrgyzstan, Kingston Unrest, Iraqi Insurgency, Russo-Ukrainian War, IMI ISIL Nigeria, Yemeni Civil War, Marawi Crisis, the Persian Gulf Crisis, and countless deployments, TDYs, and PCSs to supporting countries abroad. Many of the conflicts I listed are still in progress. Although we all may have political disagreements (or not) on the support of these conflicts and sending our military into them - in the end OUR support has been towards the families and military members, and to me that is something to be incredibly proud of; a completely selfless act of instilling love and hope to those who are away from their loved ones.

I am certain that we have helped well over 20,000 different families in the time that OpLove has been active (2006-present). I am so thankful to all our photographers, past and present, that have made such amazing contributions to others. It's really incredible and it is my hope that you all have in some way benefited from our program in a way that our clients have benefited from us, whether that be in experience, new friendships or new business relationships we all have made a difference in other people's lives thru simple acts of kindness.

It is my great pleasure to have worked and known you all. If I can ever offer you a letter of reference or anything that you may need from me, please reach out to me! 303-917-6030 ❤

Over the next few weeks, you will see dues refunds (2021 dues have been processed already, if you paid dues in 2021 and haven't received a refund, please reach out to me) and the website being taken down as the paperwork is filed to cease the 501(c)3. I will be posting this on our Facebook page as well.

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